San Jose Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury is one of the most ancient forms of law. It holds that a person harmed by another – the old word for harm was tort – can demand compensation for the harm. Over the years, personal injury law has become very complex. To be effective, the best attorneys must be familiar with oceans of case law, requiring constant updating.

Santa Clara County Birth Injury Attorney

The pages that follow describe the major focuses of Janoff Law Group, which deal primarily with extreme injuries, whether caused by a collision on the highway, a loose railing or the surgeon's knife.

Seeking Compensation For California Work Injury And Medical Malpractice

We seek a complete compensation package for you: money to pay for medical bills past and future; payment for time lost from work and for the interruption of your work life; and compensation for the pain and suffering you are being put through. In certain cases, like injuries caused by drunk drivers, we pursue punitive damages as well.

Are you paying for someone else's carelessness? You may be due compensation under the law. Call San Jose personal injury lawyer Jeffrey D. Janoff of Janoff Law Group at 408-286-2300, or describe your problem using this online form.