San Jose Medical Malpractice Lawyer

We don't see a doctor to get sicker, but sometimes that is what happens. Though most providers do high-quality work a high percentage of the time, there are times when things go wrong, when medical staff perform at a lower than expected level, and it is the patients and their families who suffer.

Medical malpractice claims are complex, expensive and difficult to prove. Insurance carriers spend to the hilt to deny your legitimate claims. To obtain the compensation you deserve, you need a skilled attorney able to fight for your rights. Contact our experienced law firm today for experienced help.

Santa Clara County Failure To Diagnose Attorney

At Janoff Law Group, we represent patients and surviving family members following these malpractice situations:

  • A physician fails to diagnose a serious medical condition
  • The condition is misdiagnosed
  • The condition is treated incorrectly
  • A baby or mother is injured during delivery

  • The wrong medications or dosage is prescribed
  • Pharmaceutical/prescription drug errors
  • The wrong surgery is performed
  • Mistakes are made with anesthesia
  • Surgery is performed on the wrong body part

  • Surgical instruments are sewn into the patient
  • A nursing home is guilty of negligence
  • A nursing home is guilty of abuse

Surgical Error • Medication Error • Wrong Prescription

Janoff Law Group handles claims against every type of medical care provider: physicians, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, trauma centers, clinics and emergency medical facilities. Lawyer Jeffrey D. Janoff never represents insurance companies.

All medical malpractice cases are undertaken on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing unless we win for you.

Have you been injured in the care of a doctor? Call the San Jose, California, medical malpractice attorney at Janoff Law Group at 408-286-2300 or write us using this online form.