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In 30-plus years of representing victims of negligence and wrongdoing, I have always sought fair, reasonable and deserved compensation for my clients. — Jeffrey D. Janoff

There are many law firms that look out for the rich and powerful. Janoff Law Group has made a consistent practice, since its founding more than 30 years ago, to look out for the average person who has been made to suffer: parties burdened with serious accident injury through no fault of their own; workers who have had to put up with sexual harassment, unwanted overtures and disgusting jokes; and everyday consumers who have rights to use commercial products without being endangered by them.

Millions Obtained In Settlements For Our Clients

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San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer

Bay Area Medical Malpractice Claims

Representing Targets Of Sexual Harassment

If people at your job — bosses, colleagues or customers — have created a hostile environment for you to work in, you may be due compensation. Call our office at 408-286-2300 for more information.

Fighting For The Rights Of California Consumers

You have the right to be safe from dangerous products and free from civil rights violations and excessive force by police. If your rights are being violated, we may be able to help. Call us at 408-286-2300.

Mediation Services At Janoff Law Group

At Janoff Law Group, we do more than advocate. We also facilitate dispute resolution through our mediation services. We serve as a neutral mediator, helping parties move closer to one another's positions. This low-key, lower-cost approach has been successful in resolving issues involving injuries, business disputes, collections and real estate.

Have you been the victim of a negligent action? You may be due compensation. Call the San Jose injury attorneys at Janoff Law Group at 408-286-2300 or write us using this online form.